We are a pharmaceutical company focusing on small molecule based translational research and collaborative drug discovery and development.

Our research is driven by applying our translational expertise to academic innovations through our collaborators and partners. We understand what it takes to advance path-breaking discoveries into drugs that will change the lives of patients worldwide

We have filed and been granted numerous patents, creating an attractive portfolio of programs that are at different stages of the drug discovery and development process. Our multi-pronged approach empowers our team of scientists to work towards unique and effective treatments.

Sphaera has adopted a target based approach instead of focusing on specific diseases and applications. Hence, our program selection is driven purely on scientific merits and is adaptable to the ever changing needs of the Pharma industry.

Drug Modification Platform

DMT (Drug Modification Platform) is a proprietary technology platform that addresses physico-chemical properties and challenges associated with existing drugs or lead candidates in a quick and effective way while retaining the option of a 505(b)2 regulatory pathway for approval, providing patentable NCEs

Advantages of our platform:

– Provides for a rapid modification of existing drug to give an NCE that will have a composition of matter patent protection

– Additionally, the modification is so designed that it does not require a full pre-clinical or clinical development – the modified drug can be developed under a modified 505(b)2 regulatory path

applicable to MANY existing drugs or drug candidates for:

  • Repurposing

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    Alternate indication

  • Reposioning

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    Changing route of administration (IV to Oral, etc.)

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    Generating pediatric formulations

  • Re-profiling

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    Changing PK profiles for different indications

  • Rescuing

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    Development candidates

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    Clinical candidates

DMT platform is an established validated and unique opportunity to develop approved drugs with new composition of matter IP
with the associated timelines to commercialization and ROI it presents a one-of-kind opportunity for investors and drug development companies

DMT Partnering

Sphaera actively seeks collaborators and partners that are working on repurposing existing drugs for newer indications. DMT provides an excellent opportunity to utilize the safety benefits of an approved drug while improving the efficacy profile, to be better suited for the target disease indication.