Monday, 22nd April 2019 18:28:17 GMT+0530
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Michael J. Green, PhD, FRSC

Dr. Green has been an independent consultant to the Pharmaceutical industry since October 2009. Prior to that he was Senior Vice President for Research and Development at Virobay,


a company focused on antiviral and autoimmune diseases, of which he was a scientific co-founder. From 2000 until 2006 he was Vice President for Chemistry at Celera Genomics where he was responsible for all of Celera’s activities in medicinal, process and structural chemistry. Before joining Celera, Dr. Green was Vice President of Chemistry at Trega BioSciences, San Diego for four years. Prior to that he was Director of Chemistry at Schering-Plough Research Institute where he led the chemistry effort, first in the anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory and then in the cardiovascular and CNS therapy areas. During his 24 years at Schering-Plough, Dr. Green discovered the topical anti-inflammatory corticosteroid, alclometasone diproprionate (Aclovateâ), was part of the team that discovered the non-sedating antihistamine, loratadine (Claritinâ), and also led the discovery efforts of several compounds that were tested clinically in asthma, psoriasis and atherosclerosis. Dr Green is author or coauthor of 45 publications and inventor of more than 40 patent applications. Dr. Green received his PhD in organic chemistry from The University of Sheffield, UK.