Monday, 22nd April 2019 18:44:40 GMT+0530
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Douglas W. Mendenhall, PhD

Dr. Mendenhall has over 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  Most recently he was VP of Worldwide Pharmaceutical R&D at Merck from 2001-2008.  During that time he also served as Basic Research Site Head of their West Point facility in 2007-08.


Before joining Merck he was the head of Preclinical Development for Glaxo Wellcome in RTP and in the UK. He was with Glaxo and Glaxo Wellcome for 11 years where he progressed through a number of positions in the development organization including co-leader of the Hospital Critical Care therapeutic franchise, one of six such units that managed the commercial as well as technical development of Glaxo Wellcome's global portfolio. Prior to joining Glaxo, Doug was with Abbott Laboratories for 10 years where he rose to the position of Director of Product Development for the Pharmaceutical Products Division. Over his industrial career Mendenhall has contributed to the development of over 65 commercially marketed products, including their CMC regulatory approvals and technology transfer. He has been active in professional societies (e.g., AAPS, PhRMA) and various academic and public service boards, serving in numerous leadership roles. He now operates a consulting business to the pharmaceutical industry out of his home in Chapel Hill, NC. Clients include Hemoshear, Merck, Omeros, Oriel and Patheon. Dr. Mendenhall is originally from Seattle, Washington, where he did his undergraduate training in Pharmacy at the University of Washington. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas where he earned both a Masters in Medicinal Chemistry and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.